The Ring of Fire

Here is a track guide for the Nurburgring that I wrote after spending several evenings pounding round lap after sodding lap trying to shave the last two seconds off my GPLrank....... to no avail!

From the start finish line you approach turn 1 which is called Veristderbrakingpoint. A tricky left hander that leads into a loooong right turn called Howlongizdis Korner. This leads to another short straight with a lefthander with banking on the outside of the bend known as Parkingfurnewbie mit Elplatz.

Then it's on through a short complex of slow bends called Die Tvistybitz. Then it's downhill to the first place at the ring where the car gets airborne. Icanseezeepubfromhier is a difficult jump but can be taken with some speed. Try to carry this pace through the next fast section down to the slow right hander called Brickenbridgenbangen. It's easy to understeer off here. Downhill again to the compression called Buttscrapen and round the tricky fast left hand kink called Votfoolplanttreedere.

After another slow 1st gear turn it's on through another flat fast section then into one of the most tight and difficult sections. This is where the track goes downhill with medium speed bends, banking on the right and hedges on the left. This section is called Soddingprivit Hedgenschtop. Continuing down hill you'll drive across two near identical bridges called the Blackundwhite Brickenbracken Bridgen.

Uphill again now for a tight right hander called Spinnen Spannen Lapper Wrecken then gather speed to the quick left kink called Updiebanker before the tight right that leads onto a fast section called Qvickundtvisty. A few straightforward turns then take you to the famous Karousel also known as Drivein Diegutter. The lap then moves on to a series of deceptive corners, the first of which is Drifterwiden. This leads to the Doppelganger bends, so called because the are almost identical to the stretch of track you reach about 20 seconds later on and cause of much confusion as you try to remember which bit is which. Both of these sections culminate in two very similar left turns with big drops just after the apex, known as the Ohschitzen turns. After the second of these the track slowly straightens out through a section of increasingly fast flicks called Nearschittenselfen.

Almost at the end of the lap now, you'll turn next onto the long long final straight called Havakuppoftea. The straight is interrupted by a jump called Overrevvinengine Spitzenpoppenbangentuben and a very fast left flick called Buttklenchen Wheelgrippen bend. This fast section culminates in a series of slow corners called Nokrashnow and then it's over the start finish line for another fun filled lap!


I've made a front and track map page for GPL. Click the picture to download and simply unzip the files into your GPL/track/nurburg directory.